AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Test Kits

The AgraQuant® Allergen Test Kits are sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). They have been developed for the quantitative analysis of food allergens in raw materials and processed foods.

The methods are accurate and show consistent results. The AgraQuant® Allergen Kits have very reasonable incubation times. Simple sample extraction and no clean-up requirement make the test very easy to use. Each kit comes complete with standards, 48 antibody-coated microwells, extraction buffer, wash buffer, conjugate, substrate and stop solution.

AgraQuant® Range includes: Peanut, Gluten, Hazelnut, Soy, Walnut, Almond, Egg White, ß-Lactoglobulin, Casein, Histamine