NRSII™ Transwab® range

New design with swab pre-immersed, ready for use with a self standing tube and a high visibility blue cap and swab, which is easy to find and retrieve if accidentally dropped.

Recommended applications - Sampling previously cleaned surfaces.


  • Conforms to ISO 18593 and other national and international standards.
  • Neutralisers allow accurate recovery of residual bacteria on food contact surfaces.
  • Precise fill for accurate assessment of contamination levels.


  • Blue cap and swab which can be easily retrieved if dropped.
  • Reduced packaging & storage space.
  • Ready to use.
  • Ambient storage and transport.

NRS (Neutralising Rinse Solution)

NRS Medium contains lecithin, polysorbate 80, and sodium thiosulphate in a peptone phosphate buffer. The formulation conforms to ISO 18593 and will neutralise most disinfectants used in the food industry, including those based on chlorine, peroxygen compounds, amphoterics, biguanides, and glutaraldehyde. This is a universal neutralising solution suitable for testing most disinfected areas within the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Precise fill volumes allow accurate quantitative assessment of contamination levels.

Buffered Peptone Water

Buffered Peptone Water contains peptone and sodium chloride, with a phosphate buffer, and is used for the recovery of Salmonella, especially in environments where they may have been sub-lethally injured.

Butterfield Buffer

Butterfield Buffer (also called Butterfield’s Solution or Butterfield’s phosphate buffered dilution water) contains potassium phosphate as specified by APHA and FDA, and is used in standard methods for the enumeration of bacteria and fungi in foods, water and pharmaceutical products. The standard formulation has been modified by the inclusion of a low level of peptone to reduce osmotic shock, and polysorbate 80 as a surfactant to assist the sampling process.

Letheen Broth

Letheen media are used to determine the bactericidal efficacy of quaternary ammonium based disinfectants.Letheen broth is a growth medium recommended by the FDA for use in the microbiological testing of cosmetics, and the formulation is as described in the FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual. Polysorbate 80 and lecithin are included to partially neutralize the preservatives commonly found in cosmetics.

MRD (Maximum Recovery Diluent)

Also called Peptone Saline. Maximum Recovery Diluent is an isotonic and protective medium for maximum recovery of microorganisms from environmental and food sources. It is also the recommended diluent for the sampling of carcasses in the European Union.

Tryptic Soy Broth

Tryptic Soy Broth is a general purpose recovery medium with excellent growth properties for aerobes, anaerobes, and some fungi. It is widely used for sterility testing, particularly in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

NRS without Sodium Thiosulphate

Some testing methods (such as Compact DryTM) require medium without thiosulphate

Choice of Fill

NRS medium and variants are available in a choice of 3 fill sizes

  • 10ml and 5ml used with standard and filtration methods.
  • 1ml can be used directly with Compact DryTM, and other direct pour plating techniques.