Transia® Plate - Salmonella Gold

Accurate and Reliable

  • Effectively targets the broad spectrum of Salmonella serotypes through LPS detection.
  • Internal controls (positive and negative controls) with each run to verify accurate results.

Multi-Test Format

  • Reduce waste – breakaway format lets you use exactly the number of wells needed.
  • Convenient 96 test or 960 test kits for scale-up flexibility on high and low volume days.
  • Reduce labor – each kit has ready-to-use liquid reagents.

Increase Efficiency with Automation

  • Save analyst time – automatically pipette, wash, incubate and read.
  • Continuous loading of samples accommodates lab workflow.
  • Run multiple assays at once with 2-plate and 4-plate systems (93 samples per plate).

Fast Results

  •  Results in 24 hours with TAG 24 supplement
  •  Universal protocol for all samples streamlines lab work
  •  Simplified two-step enrichment saves time

AOAC Performance

Tested Method 010602

AFNOR Certificate

TRA 02/08 - 03/01

TRA 02/09 - 07/07

NordVal Ref nr. 001

Approved for all foods, feed products and environmental samples