Thermablate EAS™

The simple and effective1 endometrial ablation treatment. Thermablate EAS can be performed under local anaesthesia and with a treatment time of less than 2.5 minutes can offer your patients reduced treatment times when compared to alternative solutions.

  • For the treatment of Menorrhagia
  • Fully automated balloon ablation system
  • Minimal set up required & short treatment time 
  • Conforms to a variety of uterine cavity shapes & sizes 

   NZMS has an agreement with PHARMAC to list Thermablate EAS in Section H, Part III of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

 1. Karamanidis D et al. Two Year Results of a New Two Minute Hot Liquid Balloon Endometrial Ablation System  (Thermablate): A Pilot Study. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology 2009; 36(4): 256-258.