Lateral Flow - VIP Gold

Reduce Your Pathogen Testing Costs

Improved Lab Efficiency
  • VIP Gold offers an innovative multi-test format with breakaway devices designed for
  • maximum flexibility.
  • Ideal for low and high volume test days.
  • Reduces set up time required with individual lateral flow devices or strips.
  • 2 x 10 test device layout facilitates quick and easy transfer of sample to device and efficient data recording.
Advanced Technology
  • Cutting edge particle technology allows for faster sample flow, producing a clean background and crisp, clear lines.
  • Simple, easy to read lines provide unambiguous results.
  • Superior housing design protects the test strip and ensures even and consistent sample flow.
Reduced Testing Costs
  • Easy 1-step enrichments for Listeria and E. coli O157 eliminate sample transfers and reduce labor.
  • Simple assay protocol requires minimal hands-on time.
  • No additional capital equipment such as readers, washers, etc
VIP Gold for Listeria
    The new labor saving, single-step enrichment protocol eliminates sample transfers reducing hands-on time and saving money. Specifically validated for both food and environmental samples, it’s the ideal test for HACCP programs.

    AOAC Official
    Method: 997.03
    AOAC Performance
    Tested Method: 060801