PCR Testing - Assurance GDS

Assurance GDS (Genetic Detection System) is an integrated solution for pathogen detection that is unparalleled in the industry. Based on the latest advancements in molecular technology and food microbiology, Assurance GDS offers faster results and increased accuracy to meet today’s food and environmental testing challenges. Designed for performance and practicality, Assurance GDS offers a solution for pathogen detection that raises industry standards to an unprecedented level.


  • Over 100% faster than conventional thermal cyclers, the Assurance GDS Rotor-Gene is an innovative centrifugal air-exchange thermal cycler that puts a new spin on things.
  • From start to finish BioControl has designed Assurance GDS to be simple, flexible and easy to run.


  • Assurance GDS utilises patented primers and probes to ensure greater accuracy. This eliminates potential for cross-reactivity with non-target organisms, giving greater confidence in results.


  • The innovative immunomagnetic sample preparation step concentrates and delivers a higher quantity of quality DNA for analysis, ensuring a greater degree of sensitivity.