CDR WineLab

Wine Analysis with CDR WineLab®

CDR WineLab is the fast, simple and reliable wine analysis system to be used right in the winery with no need of qualified personnel in the field of chemical analysisCDR WineLab® is the innovative analysis system that optimize traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier.

It can be used right in the winery during any winemaking phase, from harvesting to bottling even by personnel with no previous specific lab tech experience.

Thanks to CDR WineLab®, you no longer need to rely on dedicated external laboratories, the results of the tests are available in real time so as to be able to promptly take key decisions during the vinification process.

Performing chemical analyses on wine and must is simple and fast. Wine is analyzed as is, while must just requires an easy and rapid preparation developed by CDR. Ready to use, previaled reagents allow:

  • not to get in touch with toxic or carcinogenic compounds,
  • to avoid using extractor hoods,
  • not to wash either containers or traditional glassware.