Haemostatic Powder

HaemoCer PLUS™ is an absorbable, plant based, haemostatic agent for treatment of diffuse and local bleeding during surgical procedures.

Upon contact with blood HaemoCer PLUS™ particles rapidly absorb water from blood forming a gelled matrix and enhancing the natural clotting cascade. The result is a mechanical barrier with the bleeding tissue. HaemoCer PLUS™ particles are readily dissolved by saline irrigation and are totally absorbed within several days.

HaemoCer™ PLUS APH exhibits all the key features required by surgical professionals, namely:


  • Plant-based
  • Contains no animal or human components
  • Normally complete resorption

Minimised risks:

  • Rapid resorption minimizes risks of foreign body reaction and granuloma formation
  • Reduction of homologous transfusions and blood donations
  • Support and product trainings


  • Compact packaging reducing storage volume
  • Rapid off-the-shelf deployment, no special storage or defrosting