Diagnostic & Point of Care

Capillary Blood Analyser - Allegro™

A fast, simple, capillary blood analyser

Allegro™ is a compact point of care (POC) analyser that features a clinically important menu of eight measured and individually selectable tests, plus six calculated tests. Allegro is capable of measuring HbA1c, lipids, glucose and creatinine from a capillary blood sample.

All tests are performed with disposable, ready to use cartridges or test strips, and are easily performed by non-technical personnel.

Capillary fingerstick sampling for all blood tests eliminates the need for venipunctures or a trained phlebotomist. Allegro’s six-to-nine minute test times and the ability to measure two cartridges simultaneously provide rapid results. Having results during the patient visit,not after, make the patient/clinician consultation more effective, reduces office calls, letters and follow-up visits and improves patient compliance with healthcare recommendations