CDR Food Lab

The CDR FoodLab® System

CDR FoodLab is a range of chemical analysis systems that allows you to perform multiple analyses on food, in just one single device. This means, you are able to run high-quality control tests during your production process, all in real-time, without the reliance on several analysers or external laboratories.

CDR FoodLab is composed of a thermostated analyser based on photometric technology, and is equipped with LED emitters, reading cells and 37°C thermostated incubation cells. 

The CDR FoodLab is simple, easy to use and can provide results within a few minutes. This is why worldwide food and dairy industries have already chosen CDR FoodLab.

Easy to Use

The system is designed to be user friendly and can be used by anyone. The analysis methods are simpler than the traditional methods and can be performed in only a few steps, without the need for calibration: 

  1. Add the sample volume to the pre-vialed reagent, if required
  2. Follow the displayed instructions and if there is any hesitation, the HELP function can be activated to guide you through the process, step by step
  3. Results are automatically calculated, displayed and printed* 

Fast Results

With CDR FoodLab, analyses can be easily and rapidly performed onsite, without the reliance on dedicated external laboratories. In only a few minutes, you can analyse 16 samples at the same time*. 

Reliability and Accuracy 

CDR FoodLab owes its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to its photometric technology.  Additionally, the results of the analyses are automatically correlated with reference methods.

CDR FoodLab is available in two models:  

CDR FoodLab and CDR FoodLab Junior.

One system for all: 

  • Bakery products
  • Egg products
  • Fish oil
  • Frying oil and snacks 
  • Milk & dairy products 
  • Nuts 
  • Oils & Fats 
  • Vegetable purees