X series 

  • Designed for upper abdominal or presternal placement.
  • Provides an option to patients who would otherwise not be candidates for peritoneal dialysis, including but not limited to those with obesity, floppy abdominal skin folds, and intestinal stomas.
  • MRI compatible design consists of two 15F Silicone catheters joined by a titanium barbed connector, ending in a coil to ensure gentle, adequate treatment.
  • 64cm catheter can be trimmed to accommodate all patients.


I series 

  • Strategically placed side holes allow for increased flow and reduction of omental occlusion.
  • Wide 2.5mm radiopaque stripe maximizes visibility under X-ray.
  • Multiple configurations to meet all peritoneal patient needs.
  • MRI compatible. 

V series  

  • Design positions catheter in a downward position, both internally and externally.
  • Reduces stress at insertion site.
  • External Segment designed for simplicity in maintenance.
  • MRI compatible.