FLASH® - Protein Swab

FLASH® Allergen-indicator protein swab is a colour change swab test that rapidly detects protein residues left on food contact surfaces post-cleaning.

Most allergens are proteins, FLASH® provides users with the ability to perform rapid verification of surface hygiene – especially ideal for use in areas that process multiple allergens, as it detects the “big 8” (gluten, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and soybean).

Easy to use

Simply swab a 10cm x 10cm square using the cross-hatch technique with a FLASH® protein swab, activate, and wait just 10 minutes for the result

Sensitive and easy to read

Using the standard room temperature FLASH® method, sensitivity is at 20µg after 10 minutes - if allergenic proteins are detected the liquid will change colour from green to purple. Greater sensitivity can be achieved using an incubator.

Easy storage

FLASH® protein swabs are stored at room temperature so there is no waiting period for the swab to reach ambient temperature prior to testing.