Hydrion Range®

Hydrion® offer a wide range of specialty test papers so you can be confident that your production facility is free from extra contaminants by ensuring your cleaning products are at the correct strength to clean correctly, but not taint your product.

Hydrion® Test papers offer a rapid solution to testing needs. Using test papers is a simple, cost effect way to ensure your team is detecting solutions that should be replaced, as well as help to avoid using excessive amounts of sanitizing agents.

Simple to use

The Hydrion® range offers test strip or paper rolls. Staff simply tear a piece of the paper from the roll, touch the solution and compare the colour change to the chart on the container to get an accurate concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM)

Large range

Whether it’s pH, Quaternary or Chlorine – the Hydrion® range has you covered

NZMS Scientific stocks:

  • pH – variety of scales 0-14, 0-6
  • Quaternary Test paper
  • Chlorine Test paper
  • Ammonia Test paper