danumed® GastroTube

danumed® GastroTube

The danumed® GastroTube for enteral long-term feeding is made of high-quality medical silicone. The inner retention balloon and the soft outer retention plate ensure tight, secure placement of the GastroTube.

Two product optimisations provide increased safety and comfort:

  • The probe holding plate of the danumed® GastroTube stands for more discretion, because the kink-free 90° guide makes the GastroTube more inconspicuous under clothing. At the same time, the even pressure distribution and the skin-friendly silicone ensure good ventilation of the stoma site.
  •       The ENFit® connectors of the danumed® GastroTube are now all equipped with danumed’s innovative swivel ring, the ENSwivel®. This allows ENFit® connections to be connected and disconnected effortlessly and without twisting the tubes.

The danumed® GastroTubes are available with one or two ENFit® connectors (Y-ENFit®) and in numerous different sizes.

If you would like detailed information about our danuButton® GastroTube, please contact your sales representative today.