New feeding device agreement

Posted Jul 9, 2021.

NZMS has successfully entered into an agreement with Pharmac to supply feeding devices delivered Enterally and Orally. The IOS standard connector - ENFit was originally introduced to the market in 2016. NZMS in partnership with Medicina was at the forefront to bringing ENFit to New Zealand Healthcare.

The Medicina ENFit ISO Enteral feeding system range includes a low dose syringe for the smallest of patients and has been developed to deliver enteral feeds, medicines, flushes, and aspirates to neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. Oral Tip Low Dose Syringes (ENFit compatible) are a unique product and only supplied by NZMS. NZMS are supplying the ENFit Nasogastric and Naso- jejunal feeding tubes to feed a wide variety of patients from neonates to adults, both in hospital and at home for up to 90 days.

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