Now AOAC Approved, CompactDry Total Count Rapid is primed to streamline HACCP Compliance for local producers

Posted Mar 6, 2023.

NZMS Scientific today unveils AOAC approval for Compact Dry Total Count Rapid (TCR), validated for 11 matrices including 3 dairy matrices.

To celebrate the launch, NZMS Scientific is offering a FREE Total Count Rapid Sample with any Compact Dry purchase. Add both compact dry & sample to your cart to claim the discount. Offer ends 31/5/2023.

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  • Small, compact plates easily stack in incubator
  • Ready to use and portable plates
  • Automatic diffusion. Spreaders not required
  • Easy to store: long shelf life at room temperature (1 - 30°C)
  • Count available within: 24 - 48 hours of incubation
  • Clear, easy colony identification due to chromagenic additives
  • Good correlation with the conventional method (Plate Count agar after 48 hours)

Total Count is the most common test in microbiology, and for a good reason. It measures the total colony size of bacteria in a sample to assess if contamination has occurred. These samples can originate from surfaces, equipment, raw materials or final product. Taking samples from multiple locations can help quality assurance managers prioritise where to investigate further if the total count is above their acceptable range.

"With a rapid 24hr turn around, it is truly a great product" says Steph Lavill, Division Manager. “You can really see the difference in colony development, and the AOAC approval is a nice addition to prove it’s accurate too.”

To learn more, ask the NZMS Scientific team of microbiologists or view the accreditation report


Technical Specifications:

Incubation Temperature

35 ± 1℃ for all food matrices except dairy products

35 ± 1℃ or 32 ± 1 ℃ for dairy products

Incubation Time

24 ± 2 hours or 48 ± 3 hours


All colonies (almost all red colored)