Effective solutions for vascular access: CVC's, PICC and renal dialysis and the exclusive worldwide marketing and distribution rights for DuraLock C™

  • Tesio: a long term tunnelled catheter with its distinct 2 floating lumens.
  • SplitStream and Split Cath III offers optimum dialysis for long term treatment. 
  • Temporary and peritoneal catheters complete this range with all accessories for ease and precision of insertion.
  • Pro-PICC™: allows for the infusion of both CT power injection capability and PICC therapy. Size range now includes Neonatal PICC.
  • CT rated Midlines extend the patient options.  
  • DuraLock-C™ Trisodium Citrate of 46.7%: the solution against catheter related bacteremia and catheter clotting. .
  • Pro-Fuse™ CT: the first power injectable, implantable infusion port form Medcomp®.The Pro-Fuse™ CT allows patients to receive infusion therapy and CECT through the same device. The Pro-Fuse™CT is completely MRI compatible and provides up to 5 cc/sec. 
  • Pro-Line™ Designed for both CECT injections and infusion therapy. Allows CT injection up to 5cc/sec at 300psi.
  • Micro-Stick™ Introducer sets