MVP ICON® for ATP Detection

The MVP ICON® System for ATP detection is a pioneering system for testing of, recording and interpreting your ATP results

The MVP ICON® System is the first system to provide true HACCP management capabilities. With its advanced photon counting sensor (PCS) technology, the MVP ICON® provides superior accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility for ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity, and concentration. The units innovative design is sleek, lightweight, and features an easy to use touch-screen interface that is capable of operation with the use of gloved hands.

Innovative Management Software

The MVP ICON® Dashboard software displays key performance metrics at-a-glance, allowing Quality Assurance managers to instantly determine if sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) are being followed and are effective. The software can be customized to suit all users – if prefer your test points to be loaded by room, staff or other – you decide!

Reduce Time Preparing for Audits

The MVP ICON® Dashboard software features innovative print-and-present HACCP reports. These reports are customized to each company’s HACCP program requirements, and demonstrate the program is adequately and effectively followed. Print-and-present reports are generated with a click of a button and reduce the amount of time spent preparing for audits.

Easy to understand

Using the pre-set MVP ICON® Systems traffic light system, you can rest assured that all staff can interpret the ATP result easily. Utilizing a simple PASS / WARN / FAIL scale that correlate to RED / ORANGE / GREEN Symbol, getting your result right is a breeze.