Dimanco Dipslides

Dimanco Dipslides are a double-sided plastic paddle coated with agar for easy sampling of surfaces and liquids. They are available in a range of agars covering total count, yeast & moulds, coliforms and more.

Dimanco Dipslides make surface sampling easy and cost effective. In 3 steps you can be on your way to in-house hygiene monitoring; 1. Simply press the agar onto the desired surface & return to the plastic covering 2. Incubate the Dimanco Dipslide at the required time and temperature 3. Use the provided growth guide to read your result

Cost Effective

Each Dimanco Dipslide is double-sided, you can choose to have both agars the same or have two different agars to increase your testing potential and reduce costs

High Quality standards

Dimanco is accredited with ISO9001:2015 and ISO11133:2014, each batch of Dimanco Dipslides are visually checked by the Quality Assurance staff before dispatch.

NZMS Scientific stocks:

BTM2 – Side 1; Total Count, Side 2; Yeast & Mould (Malt Extract Agar)

BV – Side 1; Staphylococci, Side 2; Enterobacteriaceae

PC2T – Side 1 & 2; Total Count

SCT – Side 1; Total Count, Side 2; Coliforms

PCT/RB – Side 1; Total Count, Side 2; Yeast & Mould (RBS Agar)

The Dimanco Dipslide range is varied, and we are happy to order other SKU’s – please contact the friendly NZMS Scientific team to discuss today.