Veriflow® - BREW

The VERIFLOW® system incorporates the best of both worlds – utilising both PCR and Lateral flow technologies to provide exceptional specificity and sensitivity

The patented technology allows for the sensitivity of real-time PCR tests, but with the ease of use associated with flow-based assays, resulting in an effective system that minimises sample preparation, speeds up time to results, and provides easy to interpret data for the end user. The VERIFLOW® system is suitable for users of all backgrounds from production staff to laboratory trained personnel.

Protect your brews & get one step ahead with VERIFLOW® BrewPAL & BrewSTAT

Stuck fermentation? An “off-flavour” in your brew lately? These problems are all too common in the brewing industry and can be a result of a Pediococcus or Lactobacillus contamination. VERIFLOW® BrewPAL give you the confidence to ensure these contaminants are not lurking unbeknown in your brewery and ruining your masterpiece.

Alcohol non-compliance? Exploding cans or bottles? These problems can lead to serious consequences for both consumer and brewer. It could be Diastaticus – the “wild cousin” of your brewer’s yeast – giving you all these headaches. VERIFLOW® BrewSTAT provides the tools to the bottom of all this wild behaviour.

Also available in the VERIFLOW® Brew range:

VERIFLOW® BrewDEK – for Dekkera Species

VERIFLOW® BrewMAP – for Megasphaera & Pectinatis

Get same day results

Using the VERIFLOW® system – you can have results in less than 4 hours of sampling your beer

Cost Effective

VERIFLOW® is a capital efficient molecular platform with small equipment footprint – making it suitable for the smallest of spaces and companies. What would you to protect your beer?